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Title: Controle de turbinas eólicas: desenvolvimento, simulação e análise de sistemas de controle avançados para turbinas eólicas de grande porte
Authors: MENEZES, Eduardo José Novaes
Keywords: Turbinas Eólicas. Controle. Sistemas de Controle MIMO. Redução de cargas mecânicas. Dinâmica Estrutural;Wind turbines. Control. MIMO control systems. Load reduction. Structural Dynamics.
Issue Date: 29-Feb-2016
Publisher: Umiversidade Federal de Pernambuco
Abstract: Wind turbines are the machines that extract energy from the wind, a primary source deeply irregular and variable. Control systems are essential for extracting wind energy and transforming it into electrical energy in a efficient and safe manner. They are responsible for regulating speed/power and reducing mechanical loads/vibrations on the structure. The increasing size of wind turbines, which are becoming large-scale and flexible structures, makes the interaction of control systems and structural dynamics a main concern. The pitch control is used to mitigate mechanical loads and to regulate power. The standard control systems used in the wind industry are single-input, single-output control systems (SISO). Advanced multiple-input, multiple-output systems (MIMO) using state-space techniques and Disturbance Accomodating Control (DAC) can improve performance and solve some problems of dynamic instability of standard control systems. The use of advanced control systems was proposed and tested in previous works for a medium-scale turbine, CART-750kW, and good results were obtained. However, the same methodology has not yet been tested in large-scale turbines. In this work, MIMO control systems are applied to the large-scale turbine NREL 5 MW, with the goal of stable speed control in Region 3 and mitigation of mechanical loads by adding active damping to the structural modes. Standard and advanced control systems were implemented and simulated. Thus, it is possible to analyze the evolution of performance provided by advanced control systems in large-scale turbines and evaluate the differences between medium-scale turbines (CART -750kW) and large-scale (NREL 5 MW).
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