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Title: Static analysis of implicit control flow: resolving Java reflection and Android intents
Authors: SILVA FILHO, Paulo de Barros e
Keywords: Fluxo de controle implícito; Análise estática; Java reflection; Android intents; Análise de segurança; Implicit control flow; Static analysis; Java reflection; Android intents; Security analysis
Issue Date: 4-Mar-2016
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Abstract: Implicit or indirect control flow allows a transfer of control to a procedure without having to call the procedure explicitly in the program. Implicit control flow is a staple design pattern that adds flexibility to system design. However, it is challenging for a static analysis to compute or verify properties about a system that uses implicit control flow. When a static analysis encounters a procedure call, the analysis usually approximates the call’s behavior by a summary, which conservatively generalizes the effects of any target of the call. In previous work, a static analysis that verifies security properties was developed for Android apps, but failed to achieve high precision in the presence of implicit control flow. This work presents static analyses for two types of implicit control flow that frequently appear in Android apps: Java reflection and Android intents. In our analyses, the summary of a method is the method’s signature. Our analyses help to resolve where control flows and what data is passed. This information improves the precision of downstream analyses, which no longer need to make conservative assumptions about implicit control flow, while maintaining the soundness. We have implemented our techniques for Java. We enhanced an existing security analysis with a more precise treatment of reflection and intents. In a case study involving ten real-world Android apps that use both intents and reflection, the precision of the security analysis was increased on average by two orders of magnitude. The precision of two other downstream analyses was also improved.
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